Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stick a Fork In Her

Hillary is done. D-O-N-E done. She needs an impossible 69% of the remaining delegates to win. They put up quite a fight, but aside from a few death spasms from the Clinton campaign corpse, this race is over, and Barack Obama is the democratic nominee for President of The United States.

The math is clear: she cannot win.

Now, can she swallow her pride and make a graceful exit before tearing the party further in two with more negative ads and divisive rhetoric?

Only time will tell, but I have a terrible feeling she will fight until the bitter end, even if it means bringing the whole party down with her. I just hope the people around her, and the eggheads of the democratic party can convince her that the best thing to do for the country is drop out now and take a long vacation, rather than jeopordize the best shot the party has had at the White House in 50 years. At this particular juncture of time and space in US history, we cannot afford to gamble with our leadership, or we may very well go broke.

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