Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Fighting Game That Even Max Would Enjoy


This is Divekick. This actually started out as a joke based on the discussions of how powerful divekicks were in fighting games and how using divekicks is all you needed to do to win. Divekick is controlled by only 2 buttons. You don't even use a joystick/d-pad. 2 buttons, period. One button makes you jump, the other makes you kick. That's it.

This game is just too funny for me to pass up. We have to check this out. This will be coming out later this year on XBLA, PSN, and PC.

EDIT: Apparently, Microsoft is a pain in the ass and this game is not coming to Xbox in any form :(

MARCH 29th UPDATE by umo: The developers had the game on the Giantbomb livestream last night and you can see Seth Killian playing it as well as lots of smack talk. Dave Lang of Iron Galaxy who publish it is good friends with the Giantbomb crew so he's down for the craziness of playing the game with a Rock Band drum controller.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bioshock Infinite Mega Deal

I'm seeing some good deals for Bioshock Infinite on the PC, maybe with the chaos of Sim City and the disappointment of the Aliens game people have been reluctant to put as many orders in for this over the last few weeks.

I feel this one in particular needs your attention. As it's single player anyway there's more reason not to get it on the 360. For the UK at http://www.greenmangaming.com/bundles/  it's £23.99 for 4 games. Bioshock Infitite (with the Industrial Revolution pre-order flash game and bonuses), Bioshock 1, A choice of 5 games (Civ 5, Mafia II, Bioshock 2, Darkness 2 or Spec Ops: The Line) plus XCOM, one of last years most highly rated games. Not sure of the exact dollar price but I believe in the US you also get $15 store credit too.

Steam have almost the same offer but a little more expensive, it seems GMG added XCOM to the bundle as a response to Steam including it, it makes it a superb deal though. They are all steam keys too I believe and work with a 360 controller (except Civ 5 I guess)

I picked the Mafia II bundle, but might not make use of it so I could use it for Steam trading in the future. No shortage of gaming for a while now.

Referral link: which adds £2 to yours and my account if you aren't already registered and decide to buy from them http://www.greenmangaming.com/?gmgr=culezeki

Oh, and here's a bonus Beetlejuice rollercoaster from Minecraft on the 360.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

8-Must Not - Poker Poetry

8-Must Not

Here I sit, broke as hell - 
guess I didnt play to well:
 Raised it up with just an eight
 should have known that wouldn't rate
 Someone raised it up again
 I was lost, I knew it then
 But still I called, my "all in" play 
and tried to figure out a way 
Player one had taken two 
not a really vital clue 
Player two had taken one 
after opening under the gun 
Two players on my right took three 
and now that brings it up to me 
I stood pat with my 8-low 
which had hooked me from word "go" 
Now came time for the declare 
silently I said a prayer 
I went low and three others went high 
a bead of sweat dropped in my eye 
Half the pot looked almost real 
but then the opener swung a wheel


This is a poem written by my friend Artie in 1974 after a rough night of 5 card draw hi-low declare. He kept a printed copy for almost 40 years and gave it to me so I could put it on the internet for posterity. People dont play draw poker much at all these days, let alone hi-low with a declare, but this poem serves as a reminder that these games were once very popular. Being dealt an 8 low is a fairly strong starting hand, and with 3 players in the hand declaring for the hi half of the pot and only one declaring hi-low, getting scooped by a wheel is the very definition of a bad beat. Artie would know about bad beats - hes been playing poker for more years than most players today have been alive.