Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Fighting Game That Even Max Would Enjoy


This is Divekick. This actually started out as a joke based on the discussions of how powerful divekicks were in fighting games and how using divekicks is all you needed to do to win. Divekick is controlled by only 2 buttons. You don't even use a joystick/d-pad. 2 buttons, period. One button makes you jump, the other makes you kick. That's it.

This game is just too funny for me to pass up. We have to check this out. This will be coming out later this year on XBLA, PSN, and PC.

EDIT: Apparently, Microsoft is a pain in the ass and this game is not coming to Xbox in any form :(

MARCH 29th UPDATE by umo: The developers had the game on the Giantbomb livestream last night and you can see Seth Killian playing it as well as lots of smack talk. Dave Lang of Iron Galaxy who publish it is good friends with the Giantbomb crew so he's down for the craziness of playing the game with a Rock Band drum controller.

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umo said...

The trailer for it is stupidly funny too :)

Chronic said...

Dude. This is hilarious. I am dying here that this game is real.

umo said...

Also kind of unreal, I just heard Minecraft on the 360 has passed 6 million sales. That's about the same as Gears of War 3.

$120 million in revenue then. Overall it's sold close to 21 million units, which puts it high in the all time charts surely.