Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glitchin Out

Im not sure how this happened, or how its even possible, but I guess after Microsoft glitched my gamertag out of existence a few years back, I shouldnt be surprised that I can no longer check or send messages on xbox.com. Furthermore, my yahoo mail account has become glitched in a similar fashion, in that I can sign in but it wont actually let me access the mail on the server. Im not sure if Blank or Bender sent me too many messages, but as of now I have no idea how to fix it as there is no correlation to the OS Im running, the computer Im using, or any password/login issue. At this point, being out of options Im going to have to ask Bender and Blank to undo whatever it is they did to my various accounts, and unleash Portal Cat as the digital protectorate of my domain.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

GT: Ms Splosion Man Review

Its looks pretty fucking crazy. Im definitely getting it soon. Twisted Pixel FTW.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Pharcyde - Passin Me By

Kanye West's favorite album of all time is The Pharcyde's 1991 debut album Bizarre Ride II. Its considered a seminal classic of jazz and groove influenced hiphop, at a time when gangster rap was dominant. The story behind the making of the album is that the producer and one of the founding members of the group, J-Swift, wrote 15 of the 16 tracks, using samples, drum machines, and his own bass and keyboard playing, only to get into a disagreement with the other group members and eventually get kicked out.

He received no credit or compensation for his work on the album. Although other opportunities arose following the success of Bizarre Ride II, such as a short lived deal with Tommy Boy, by the late 1990s J-Swift had lost his studio, and was homeless in L.A., begging change to buy crack. His story is the basis of the 2007 documentary "1 More Hit" which chronicles his descent from visionary hip hop producer to total destitution. Its a cautionary tale - no matter how talented or successful you are, if you let people take advantage of you - they will. And if you dont check your head - nobody else will.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Message From GLaDOS about Burnout Crash

Ive been forwarded this message by Criterion about Burnout Crash - its from Portal's GLaDOS, who is apparently a fan:

"It was so nice if you to think of us when you were designing your new game! I am just delighted. My core heart processor units have become warm watching this video! Really, I couldnt possibly be more happy for you. All those years of work and crash-testing have finally paid off. Congrats Criterion, you're really making the game we at Aperture Science want to play - and hats off to you. Full salute! Burnout Crash looks so great, you could just quit right now and you would probably never be surpassed in the history of videogames. In fact, Criterion, just stop. Stop it right now! You are making the other developers look bad! Shame on you. Gain some sense of modesty, and then come back when you have a more humble product, one more fitting for our 5 second, twitterized attention spans. As it is right now, you're just spoiling us!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Is Burnout Crash...

... and, no, I'm not kidding:

"I do believe Criterion's heart is in the right place, but having waited so long for another game bearing the Burnout name, I must say I wasn't expecting what Burnout Crash delivers. You'll hear comparisons to the original Grand Theft Auto with an explode button and Micro Machines with dynamite, but I hesitate to call this game Burnout." - Peter Eykemans of IGN.com

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Say Hello To The New Boss

Its no secret who has been the best player in Mens Tennis in 2011. Today was just the affirmation - the coronation if you will. There is no doubt about it: Novak Djokovic is the top player in the world, which he proved with an absolutely dominating performance Sunday against Rafa Nadal. To be honest, I thought the match would be a bit closer. Nadal didnt play a great match, and The Djoker, in his own words, played the best grass match of his entire life. In 2011, Rafa is 0-5 vs Novak and doesnt appear close to solving the riddle. For the Djoker, the only thing left to prove is if he is one of the all time greats.