Monday, July 11, 2011

A Message From GLaDOS about Burnout Crash

Ive been forwarded this message by Criterion about Burnout Crash - its from Portal's GLaDOS, who is apparently a fan:

"It was so nice if you to think of us when you were designing your new game! I am just delighted. My core heart processor units have become warm watching this video! Really, I couldnt possibly be more happy for you. All those years of work and crash-testing have finally paid off. Congrats Criterion, you're really making the game we at Aperture Science want to play - and hats off to you. Full salute! Burnout Crash looks so great, you could just quit right now and you would probably never be surpassed in the history of videogames. In fact, Criterion, just stop. Stop it right now! You are making the other developers look bad! Shame on you. Gain some sense of modesty, and then come back when you have a more humble product, one more fitting for our 5 second, twitterized attention spans. As it is right now, you're just spoiling us!"


umo said...

Ahh crap blogger deleted my post I wrote.

Pretend it's a post explaining why Autolog is no good when you just want to have close racing and take people out. Unless you get sent a replay of the people setting crash scores in this Autolog is pointless.

MAX said...

Burnout series..... R.I.P
so sad