Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glitchin Out

Im not sure how this happened, or how its even possible, but I guess after Microsoft glitched my gamertag out of existence a few years back, I shouldnt be surprised that I can no longer check or send messages on xbox.com. Furthermore, my yahoo mail account has become glitched in a similar fashion, in that I can sign in but it wont actually let me access the mail on the server. Im not sure if Blank or Bender sent me too many messages, but as of now I have no idea how to fix it as there is no correlation to the OS Im running, the computer Im using, or any password/login issue. At this point, being out of options Im going to have to ask Bender and Blank to undo whatever it is they did to my various accounts, and unleash Portal Cat as the digital protectorate of my domain.



muo said...

Oh dear.

Portal Cat has rendered me unable to focus on your predicament. The carefully calibrated speed and actions of it have resonated with my synapses and caused involuntary spasms.

umo said...

Switch to HTML layout/try Chrome/sign in xbox using a brand new firefox profile/use Opera as a last resort/under no circumstances use IE even as a failsafe last resort.

Add xbox.com to your hosts file/update flash/downgrade flash/tweet xbox support about it/puzzling what Yahoo has to do with it.

umo said...

Portal Cat wants to fix this dam problem but her methods are unorthodox.


Chronic said...

Bwahahahaha!!! Awesome!!!

Xbox.com is really annoying, but the Yahoo issue is really puzzling as I can access my account from my phone no problem, and I think the problem even started around the time I got my Droid phone and linked it...

Tried uninstalling Yahoo from my phone but that didnt work. For now if you want to send me links/pics/music just enter the URL in the comments of a post here on my blog...

umo said...

Wiki shows a new update, how long have these problems been going on?

In May 2011 beta testing for the new Yahoo! Mail stopped, and the new Yahoo! Mail became the default interface for Yahoo! Mail.

As the new Yahoo! Mail became mandatory for users, a number of previously satisfied users of Yahoo! Mail started to report slow typing speeds with the new Yahoo! Mail, running contradictory to Yahoo!'s claims that the new Yahoo! Mail would perform "2x" faster. Yahoo! offered no resolution to the problem as of July 19, 2011, and continued to advertise that Yahoo! Mail "provides performance that is 2x faster than the previous versions of Yahoo! Mail" and runs at "lightning speed."

These people suffer similarly to you maybe. Forced updates that broke things http://forums.mycathatesyou.com/viewtopic.php?t=35939&sid=95bde35caa0178c40859baa74e6966c1

On the gmail splash page they're promoting the idea of having an intervention for people using other mail providers.


Ironically the process involves e-mailing them about it. So you're safe ;)

Uber Crunch said...

Not sure if you care about going back to Chronicdog or moving on to Chronic Dog II, but Microsoft has a sale going on for those looking to change their gametags.

umo said...

I got one too now on the marketplace


I was trying to queue up the Driver demo.