Sunday, March 10, 2013

8-Must Not - Poker Poetry

8-Must Not

Here I sit, broke as hell - 
guess I didnt play to well:
 Raised it up with just an eight
 should have known that wouldn't rate
 Someone raised it up again
 I was lost, I knew it then
 But still I called, my "all in" play 
and tried to figure out a way 
Player one had taken two 
not a really vital clue 
Player two had taken one 
after opening under the gun 
Two players on my right took three 
and now that brings it up to me 
I stood pat with my 8-low 
which had hooked me from word "go" 
Now came time for the declare 
silently I said a prayer 
I went low and three others went high 
a bead of sweat dropped in my eye 
Half the pot looked almost real 
but then the opener swung a wheel


This is a poem written by my friend Artie in 1974 after a rough night of 5 card draw hi-low declare. He kept a printed copy for almost 40 years and gave it to me so I could put it on the internet for posterity. People dont play draw poker much at all these days, let alone hi-low with a declare, but this poem serves as a reminder that these games were once very popular. Being dealt an 8 low is a fairly strong starting hand, and with 3 players in the hand declaring for the hi half of the pot and only one declaring hi-low, getting scooped by a wheel is the very definition of a bad beat. Artie would know about bad beats - hes been playing poker for more years than most players today have been alive.

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uno said...

I started off with Draw (not High/Low though), that is what 'Poker' is to me. Hold 'em will always be a new fad that caught on. Like CD's :)