Wednesday, December 9, 2009

lol 6 Figure Flippaments

A group of top poker players go all in blind for $100K each.


umopapisdnpuaq said...

I had to look up 'cross book'. These guys are so unique, such a small group of peers mean they really are close nit and friendly. It's great to see the idle fun they have.

I can imagine those 6 guys having a great time playing Burnout vs each other. "Okay Patrik, Daniel & Phil you're Blue and you pay $10,000 per mile left to go to whoever takes you out. If you make it you get $200,000 plus $10,000 per takedown you get on the Red team."

Daniel: "Can I get 50% bonus for using a Sports car?"

dys1exic said...


Chronic said...

Amazing how quickly Dwan saw he was drawing completely dead when the turn hit. Also amazing: the look on Antonius' face after he agrees with Phil to crossbook it @ 30%, and then he looks at Tom and says, "Tom, are we on?" and Tom just laughs.

Ivey and Antonius are the two sickest humans on the face of the earth. So sick. Its just disgusting how little regard for money they have. In a way, I admire them for that. Fuck it, its just money.

I really thought Gus had the best hand preflop. With that many players taking a flop, mid-high suited connectors have a lot of equity against 4 random hands. Even though he was behind Antonius' A5 of hearts (29%), he still had over 24% equity, which means he had the best of it with the pot laying him 4-1.

Poor Danny. He never wins in TV cash games, for a variety of reasons. Getting it all in preflop with rags, so standard for Negreanu. He and Phil should have gone and played golf rather than play Murderer's Row.