Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alan Wake: "Building The Thriller" Trailer

This trailer is disappointing to me. For starters, they go for the hard sell. Rather than show you why the game is so awesome with some nicely edited footage and great music, they try to ram it down your throat with industry buzzwords like "cinematic story driven action." Then it begins to give you major pieces of the plot - so much for the mystery - and even lists its influences. Steven King and Twin Peaks are great and all, but cant the player draw his own inferences? Do they have to be bullet points on a spreadsheet calculating the maximum market penetration?

This trailer doesnt create any suspense, and emotion, and vibe, any feeling whatsoever. We have seen so little of this game up to this point, its just feels like a huge amount of wasted potential to use one of their major launch trailers as a sales presentation ticking off features rather than to further deepen the mystery surrounding the game and create even more atmosphere. Nonetheless, the game looks very promising and Im certainly interested in finally checking it out this May.

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