Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Trailer


umo said...

I'm never one for getting woozy or headachey watching shakey cam footage, or playing disorientating games, er even seeing someone else play them.

But that video was seriously made in such a way that if I was I'd be puking up right now.

There is a massive warning mandate for 'flashing images' in all media, so epileptics are covered. Now I think it's time to start putting up warnings of 'nausea inducing footage'.

Pause the video anywhere and yes the graphics look awesome but i'm reminded of the pro quake/unreal players who play with the graphics turned down to make the computer run faster, but also to simplify and give more contrast to the important things. It might be too distracting in the multiplayer.

umo said...

Oh, and something wonderful happened in Catan yesterday.

I actually posted a blog about it, which is almost as rare as what happened ;)


Chronic said...

To be honest, I think DICE is making a mistake releasing it on the 360/PS3 at all. Its not even the same game really. 12 on 12 on a small map rather than 32 vs 32 on a huge map, and it probably will still stutter along at 20-25 FPS on the 360 with any action on the screen. The 360 has been an amazing console but games like this really show its past its prime and ready for a replacement. The only question is, will I spend more time with this or The Old Republic?

umo said...

You won't be playing it on Steam so it's Xbox or EA's own special Origin site.

Chronic said...

Well that sucks I hope I can at least buy it on Steam. I mean, EA already owns my soul just like Microsoft... its impossible to escape their wrath. You just have to belly up and sign the deal with the devil to play. I would gladly pay EA $15 a month if they made a real Burnout MMO, which there was talk of years ago. If DICE has made a great Battlefield game I will gladly do whatever EA wants to play it, which unfortunately EA is well aware of.