Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nascar Finale for the Ages

Tony Stewart won his third and by far most impressive Nascar Championship today. Im a casual Nascar fan at best but I dont think any true racing fan could deny the drama that Sundays race provided. Stewart - totally out of contention when the Chase for the Sprint Cup began months ago, proved all doubters wrong, winning 5 of the last 10 races, and beating the one man ahead of him in points in the last race of the season, where they finished first and second.

Carl Edwards and Stewart actually finished with the exact same number of points, but because Steward had won 5 races, he was awarded the Cup. It was an impressive display of racing ability, with Stewart coming from 40th place due to car damage to eventually take first with a risky fuel management strategy, even though Edwards started the race in pole position and lead for the majority of the race. He just couldnt hold off Stewart, who used aggression masterfully, passing other cars on the inside and outside as they raced around turns 3 and even 4 cars wide. Like I said before, I dont watch much Nascar, but I made sure to catch this race - and it was truly a classic.

If racing is relevant to your interests, make sure you watch the Tony Stewart vs Lewis Hamilton Seat Swap Special Race, where in June 2011 the drivers swapped Nascar and F1 cars to test their skills against each other. Its a 6 part series on youtube, the first part of which is presented here.

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umo said...

Thanks for this, I'd seen a brief UK feature on the Seat Swap but not the full American version. The drivers are right at the top of their own discipline but they are as excited as little kids to try the other one :) I never quite got that excited when trying to drive the World Circuit Racer...

Nascar seems to have been much more exciting than F1 which was total domination by Vettel. He just had that extra 1% on everyone this year.