Friday, April 13, 2012

Fez IGN Review

Some comments about glitchiness and confusing level design havent stopped this new indie puzzle platformer from garnering Universal Acclaim on Metacritic.


md said...

I have been very interested in this game after learning about it. The demo was great. I was very excited... until I learned it completely ripped off an original flash game for PC that introduced the 2d-to-3d gameplay. i want to play it so bad, but part of me wants to boycott it in an effort to say "go fuck yourself for ripping off someone else's idea that was given to the public for free."

md said...

by the way, the soundtrack fucking rules... GOD I WANT TO BUY THIS SO BAD!

Chronic said...

Well, like a lot of things Im pretty sure that Nintendo beat everyone to the punch with the original 2D-3D thing with Super Paper Mario. Thats the first time I saw or heard of it, back in 2007.

Incedently or not, 2007 is when the concept of Fez was originally pitched, as the game has been in development for 5 years! I remember hearing about it back in 2009, and again last year, and I had totally forgot about it until I recently saw the reviews start popping up.

As for Sky Island, the free flash game you are talking about, it certainly shares some similarities with Fez but its pretty clear that you get what you pay for with Fez. And speaking of what you pay, 800 MSP/$10 is a great price for a game which is clearly a labor of love for the developers - an ode to classic 2D gaming with a twist.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and while I cant say for sure which game is flattering which or who thought of the idea first, Im not sure its really all that important in the end. All I know is Im going to be playing a lot of Fez this weekend.

md said...

ok im sold. buy!

umo said...

Lest we forget Thrill Drive the arcade machine that Criterion had in their offices at one point ;)

umo said... - An interview donw during the making of 'Burnout 5', there was a reply in the comments...

prettyboytim #11 6 years ago
--quoted--Is it me, or was the original burnout (as great as it was) not just an almost exact copy of Thrill Drive, i personally don't know how they got away with it!--quoted--

I worked at Criterion at the time. There was a Thrill Drive dual cabinet in the Criterion offices.

Burnout was a much better game, though.

md said...

ALERT! Akai Katana now up for preorde at amazon for $40:

Anonymous said...

I don't understand all the praise for this game... there's no challenge. There are no obstacles or enemies... just basic puzzles featuring art ripped off (or "inspired" depending on how you wanna look at it) by other Indie Japanese games (you know, the same games that the creator of Fez claims they suck).

In the space of the 5 years that it took to develop it, someone else took the initiative and actually created a superior version of Fez called Sky Island. Google it. It's free. You should probably check it out, but because none of the major gaming publishers have hyped it, it's probably a little _too_ Indie for most tastes (as in, not marketable).