Thursday, September 6, 2012

Assassin's Creed 3 Naval Warfare

Ubisoft is trying some pretty ambitious things in Assassins Creed 3. Its the first game which really attempts to pin down the combat of the American Revolutionary War, and apparently naval combat is a huge part of Ubisoft's effort.


umo said...

The British are coming! In boats!

There may be a delay to the next Xbox

It suggests the processors aren't coming out in batches of enough quality (usable chip percentage). If there are shortages the first thing to get cut will be Europe like Sony did with the PS3 I'm sure. I'm in no rush to get one any way, but some specs suggested would make it have the option of playing video/running games at the same time.

Some possible clues to it -

md said...

The AC series was never able to hook me for long periods of time. I always start off in awe and eventually turn it off due to boredom or cheesy voice acting. Admittedly, I did not play the most recent AC.