Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halo 4 Review


md galaxy said...

Yup, I did NOT see this coming. Consider me excited.

umo said...

I hit an XP cap yesterday. I think someone should have been communicating between 343 and Microsoft, because with all the mass marketing/brand exploitation the push from Microsoft is to have people playing tons of Halo and earning 2x XP all the time thanks to an endless stream of Mountain Dew and Doritos.

The XP cap according to 343 is "intended to preserve the integrity of the progression system,” states Jessica Shea, community manager. “In other words, it’s in place to provide an early gate from players running amok in their progression."

Integrity is pretty much gone when you have only 2 countries where people can earn double xp as much as they want. It's kind of sad seeing how well that works, with people admitting they bought several cases of Mountain Dew even though they never drink it just for the double xp.

Meanwhile Microsoft have their Rewards offer where they challenge people to play 140 hours of multiplayer by the end of November (6 hours a day!).

I think even 3 or 4 hours would be enough to hit the cap, so there's a locked in failure to this contradiction.

I'm not personally bothered with missing some XP, there does seem to be way more stuff locked away than necessary. You can only wear one bit of armour at a time so unlocking 20 options for each piece doesn't mean much once you have chosen your preference.

It's a shame the basic symbols to make your logo are locked very deep into the levels. It's like they took the service tag and only let you select from 5 letters at first, then when you reach level 10 they unlock j s u r and g, maybe if you put in 20 Doritos codes you can unlock the number 1 too.

I like to set up all that from the start each new Halo game and stick with it, if you have past Halo icons you want it's pot luck, maybe your symbol is locked behind the highest level, so you're screwed.