Friday, January 4, 2013

Gametrailers Game of The Year 2012

I didnt play any of them, because apparently Halo 4 didnt make the cut. Surprising.


MD said...

Far Cry 3 is my game of the year.

The story plunged me into the rabbit hole and gave everything i did in the game a great sense of purpose. The story was fairly simple and not very original, until everything got crazy. And when I say "crazy" I mean batshit psychotic.

Story and purpose mean a lot to me these days. Without it, i lose interest quickly and end up feeling like I'm grinding through the game just to complete it.

Far Cry 3 totally had me popping red pills , staggering through the island jungle on mushrooms with my hunting bow and ak47.

Chronic said...

Thats cool, I heard it got good reviews but so did Far Cry 2 which I tried to play and found to be a total nightmare. I probably wrote a blog post about it, but Im too lazy to search now. But if Far Cry 3 can suck you in like that, I might just give it a shot once some of my back log is cleared out, which I already started on with my Wii and PS3. But mostly I just miss hanging out with you guys on XBL.

I will probably be back online fairly soon, but Im getting a lot of stuff done, working a lot, getting in good physical shape, making some music, doing some writing, reading books, and just enjoying some of what real life has to offer. Im going to try to travel more this year and really push myself to keep doing new things, because Ive found thats the only thing that helps me to keep feeling young as I get older.

Anyway, I will talk to you guys soon enough. Thanks for commenting,, and I am very interested in hearing more about this mythical Arcade Stick Which Doesnt Exist.

md said...

Sounds like you're doing some great things Chronic. Keep it up.

Chronic said...

Yeah I really wanted to go to Japan this year, but I think it might have to wait one more year. The plan is to go around early April for a couple weeks, but its going to require tons of planning, and most importantly, time and money. So Im just going to start smaller and goto San Diego in the next month or two and maybe the Caribbean or Mexico sometime in the spring. I cant really take off for more than 3-4 days at a time right now, for various reasons.

But the Japan trip IS going to happen next year, so start saving up vacation days and couch change now!