Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Destiny Beta & USFIV

Since it's sometimes hard for me to catch you guys online, I'd like to use this blog (with Chronic's blessing) to ask if any of you are purchasing Destiny and, if so, for which platforms. If any of you are participating in the summer beta I would like to be able to join you. I do have an Xbox one (for now) and a 360, so those are my options.

Same goes for Ultra Street Fighter IV out in August. If you guys get it, I PROMISE to get on and play. Seriously. I play quite a bit offline - I could easily log on and play instead. I think you can buy it as a downloadable update to Arcade Edition, but I'm not sure. My vote would be for the PC version, but I will buy whichever version you guys get.

Let me know!

I hope you guys are all doing well. I just had child  #3 (WHAAA?!) and, even though it was no accident, I think I might cut off my unmentionables to make sure 3 doesn't turn into 4 :)

Oh, and Chronic, I just bought a new 23" IPS monitor with pivot just so I could run 'tate set-ups for shmups and thought you might appreciate it :) It makes them so much more fun. I will snap a real-time pic as I'm writing this just for the hell of it:

Sorry for the completely random blog post. Hope to hear from you guys! Ok, MD out!


BlankVoid said...

Definitely picking up Destiny, not sure if on Xbox One or PC though. Leaning towards Xbox if for no other reason than a good excuse to turn it on.

Sweet monitor man.

Bond said...

3! Is that even possible? I guess you went with Chronic's advice and had as many as possible and as fast as possible. That's awesome. As for games If you guys get SF I'll get SF. I don't really know about Destiny but I'll check it out some more. I didn't think you'd be back and I figured Blank died.

md said...

Bond is in for SF, eh? Awesome :) What about you Chronic? Anyone else? Also, PC or 360?