Sunday, January 4, 2015

Full Circle

I know we initially hated on Revenge for the ability to ram through traffic without consequence, but holy crap is this perfect for a 3 year-old monster. He went with the chronic mobile because apparently the color blue plus anything with flames equals awesome. Luckily he has not yet discovered the contents of its glovebox.

In all seriousness I forgot how much I love burnout. This is amazingly fun compared to any racers I've played since. With that said, we seriously need to get some games going for old times sake.

Update: The fact that they are playing this instead of Mariokart HAS to say something. Quick, someone send this pic to EA/Critereon!


Umo said...

Burn(out) 3,
As free as the wind blows,
As free as the boost grows,
Burn free to takedown some cars.

Live free and buses surround you,
The game still astounds you,
Each time you just miss a tram.

Stay free where red walls divide you,
You're free as the roaring tide,
So there's no need, just drive.

Born free the game's still worth playing,
But only worth playing,
'Cause it's Burn(out) 3.

md galaxy said...

As many times as I correct them, my kids call this game "Crash Race."

I'm starting a new profile in revenge for kicks and just bought paradise again. Anyone still have that game??

Umo said...

Yeah, got it on Steam now too. I bet they'll love the free-form Crash Mode in paradise.

md galaxy said...

Ugh, I started playing last night and for some reason my game save is non existent...

I forgot that paradise controls more like a need for speed than a burnout game. Still fairly fun though.

Chronic said...

I think "crash race" was the working title for Burnout. Honestly baffled by EA's decision to axe the franchise, and instead just make a new NFS game every year. I dont have Paradise or Revenge but would definitely play either. I still have my old Xbox and 3 (yes 3) copies of Burnout 3. Everytime I fire it up I get that same great feeling I had 10 years ago. Over 2000 hours logged - and it was my 2nd Xbox! Im sure I wont ever play another game nearly as much. Playing with you guys was some of the best times Ive ever had.