Tuesday, April 28, 2015

IGN Gets It


"Burnout 3: Takedown is timeless in a way only the very best games get to be."


md galaxy said...

God dammit. I just don't get to play games like I used to. I'm half way to giving up. Bought DOA5 to play online with Max, I've gotten to play it once. Bought GTAV to play with all of you guys, I've played it maybe twice. This BO3 article made me miss playing online even more. What a great number is years I spent playing with you guys. Also, insert rant regarding the need for a BO3 HD re-release here. That game was so amazing.

Chronic said...

It was definitely a unique time and place, and indeed nothing has rivaled the arcade quality action of Burnout 3 since. But even if they remade the game, we cant go back to who we were 10 years ago and play it like we did then, as who we were then. I think thats a big part of what nostalgia in general is, not just in relation to video games. We want to revisit our former selves, our past lives, and doing the things we did years ago is part of that psychological process.

I say this as someone who is surrounded by nostalgia - games, books, movies and various gear from the 1980s and 1990s. I just started using a Sony walkman - a cassette player with the puffy headphones. I found some old Dinosaur Jr tapes, now I feel 16 again and its just like heaven!