Monday, March 31, 2008

Students at University of Texas Draft Honor and Ethics Code from Plagiarised Sources

From The San Antonio Express-News:

"It seemed like an honorable goal: Draft an honor code for University of Texas at San Antonio students to follow, exhorting them not to cheat or plagiarize.

But when students threw a draft of the new honor code onto the Internet for feedback, some noticed a problem: Parts of the code appeared to have been lifted word for word from another school’s honor code, without attribution. Even the definition of plagiarism was, well, plagiarized.

Akshay Thusu, the student in charge of the honor code effort, said it was an oversight, the result of a draft that was crafted five years ago and passed through different students and faculty advisers before landing in his lap.

'We believe there might be a citation page,' Thusu said. 'We are still looking for it.' "

Thusu later mentioned the citation page was last seen near the food bowl of his dog, who hadnt been fed in a couple of days due to her owner being so busy drafting the new proposal.

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