Monday, March 24, 2008

Woman Complains to Cop About "Bad Crack"

Dontcha just hate it when this happens?

"A 50-year-old woman walked up to a sheriff's deputy last week and complained that a drug dealer had just sold her "bad crack," according to Florida's WJXT-TV.

Eloise Reaves "told the deputy that a man in the parking lot had sold her bad crack. [Police] said Reaves then took the crack from out of her mouth and placed it on the trunk of the deputy's patrol car," the station reports. (Here's her mugshot.)

When a field test identified the substance as cocaine, "Reaves complained that it was wax and cocaine mixed, and that she wanted the deputy to make the man give her her money back," police said.

The man was searched and released. Reaves was charged with drug possession."

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