Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Street Fighter: The Beast Is Unleashed

Is it possible that md's return to Street Fighter 3 and its insane parrying system was inspired by this video? I don't know but every time I watch this 3rd round comeback by Daigo I get goosebumps. This is the way fighting games were meant to be played, in front of a huge, appreciative crowd! My skills arent up to par to battle Daigo so my cats will have to suffice for my audience. OK, now I have to go get the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection off ebay. Its a sickness, but hey its better than crack.


md galaxy said...

more than possible. and i finally uploaded the video.

Mipam said...

I am so rusty at this game. And I used to be pretty decent, in fact I took a couple rounds from Howie and his unforgettable blue trench coat. Well unless he was playing Ryu, then I was dead in under 15 seconds.