Monday, June 2, 2008

Xbox 360 Games To Check Out In 2008

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (DONT rent this game. just go buy it the day it comes out, and you can thank me sometime later down the road, or I refund your money)

Deadliest Catch ("Battle 40-foot waves, storms, ice and a nearly 100-percent crew member injury rate" - I cant believe they made this game. wow, thats sick.)

Mercenaries 2 (the first was really fantastic, its was like GTA set in North Korea. they dont need to do much with the sequel, just more of the same with coop)

Soul Caliber 4 (Yoda's lightsaber took Viagra and he is going to touch you with it)

Golden Axe (I heard a nasty rumour there is no coop, so it may just be a giant $60 Golden Shower and they dont give you a towel afterwards)

Brothers In Arms Hells Highway - (unreal 3 engine WWII shooter that might not suck)

Baja - (THQ's answer to Motorstorm - we'll see if they can pull it off as well)

Left 4 Dead (source engine 4 player coop zombie survival horror game. freaking sweet)

Beijing 2008 (I can hit the A button faster than you can! NoyouCANTyesICanNoyouCANTyesIcan)

Hei$t (any game with a $ symbol in its name garners trepidation. you rob banks and diamond stores and whatnot. maaaaaaaaaaaaybe)

Just Cause 2 (the first one was the best skydiving game ever made, but was kinda shallow beyond that. Plenty of room to improve, lets hope for coop)

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (the x is for extreeeeme!)

Halo Wars (Bungie's 360 RTS in the halo universe. I can has dead bond in halo? sweet)

Guilty Gear Overture (I like beating things up, especially digital versions of Evil Max)

Huxley - (MMO Shooter using the Unreal 3 engine. Ummmmm, yes please?)

Shaun White Snowboarding (EA fell asleep at the switch with their next gen SSX game so lets hope this rocks the snowboarding world like SKATE rocked the skateboarding world)

Bionic Commando (2 games, one is a downloadable remake of the original NES version, the other is a full $60 - Im buying both even if IGN scores them lower than HAZE)

Fable 2 (People like the original Fable, it made me fall asleep. Coffee served with sequel)

Fallout 3 (please dont mess this up...... just please)

Tom Clancy's Endwar (360 exclusive RTS set in the Clancy universe, I gotta try it)

Gears of War 2 (nuff said)

Mirrors edge (A shooter that doesnt rely on shooting, but platforming and broken mirrors. maybe)

Prince of Persia (I've played em all, Im just a PoP crackbaby)

1942 (shoot everything on the screen, while dodging everything else)

Inifinite Undiscovery (some crazy Square developed RPG that Blank Void, Shadownexus, or Darth Mikal will play and tell me about how awesome it is)

Ghostbusters the Videogame (just trust md, at least, thats what he says. all I know is be wary of any game that has the word "VIDEOGAME" in its title)

Alan Wake (I think they spent like $20M making this game, it might be OK)

Ninja Gaiden II (hiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now clean it up)

2 Days To Vegas (I remember hearing about this game in 2004. now? nothing)

This Is Vegas (hmmmm. apparently there is gambling. Im there, if it ever comes out)

Super Street FIghter 2 HD Turbo Remix (nuff said)

Street Fighter 4 (this actually might not suck. if it does, we have SSF2HDTR)

Fracture (ask md, Ive never heard of it)

Prototype (ask md, I'm just copying him at his point)


Bond said...

"I can has dead bond in halo? sweet." What, I can has dead anybody. And I think the game might be good.

kurt said...

Looking like there is some good games coming out this year.

Nice list :)

BlankVoid said...

Thing that sucks is some of those games aren't coming out in 08, Huxley and Alan Wake to be specific.

Fracture is supposed to be some super soldier thing that gives you weapons so you can change the shape of the ground.

Prototype is all mutants in NewYork and a big part of it is platforming through the city, think Crackdown; except actually pretty. (Sucky thing is it was supposed to be Co-op but they cut it out, last i heard anyways.)

md galaxy said...

Buy Ghostbusters. Trust me.

Mipam said...

I am very excited about the release of Huxley. No matter how much I will enjoy it, I am pretty sure that I will get fragged far more in this game than in any other MMO i have played.

It is doubtful this game will see the shelves before 2009 though, as blankvoid points out above.

I notice there are not many roleplaying games listed here. Do you think the genre is dying on consoles? Mass Effect was the last notable one but man oh man is the Mako to terrible for words.