Saturday, May 1, 2010

Halo Reach Beta: Mythbusters

I havent checked out the Halo Reach beta yet as my ODST disc is still on loan to a friend, however Im anxious to play it and try my hardest to break the game in every way possible, hopefully with the assistance of noted game breakers Umopapisdnpuaq and BlankVoid. Im optimistic that the game itself might turn out OK also - but Ive never been very good at Halo multiplayer and I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the campaign stories - Im like the retarded kid watching Shakespeare In The Park - transfixed, mesmerized and utterly confused, yet loving every moment. As long as I can drive the Warthog and fly a Jet Pac, confusing backstory be damned - count me in for the swansong Halo game from Bungie.

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umopaspisdnpuaq said...

The Armour Lock looks very odd like that. I wonder what it'd do if the guy underneath has a jetpack.

It's hard to find a quiet corner to try stuff out without a full party of 8. We could do Jetpack Racing on a grand scale once we get custom games in the Autumn :)