Friday, May 14, 2010

Save Me Some Sugar - Midnight Riders L4D2

From L4D2's The Passing comes another instant classic from Valve.


Chronic said...

The bus is on the road
Sweet Georgia fades away
We'll be burnin' down Louisiana
By the very next day

No, sleep will never take me
My mind is stuck on you
Oh you'd better be laying awake
Thinking of me too

I'll ask one thing
Not that you'd be true
The thing I'm asking of you

Save me some sugar
This won't take long
I won't promise to stay the night
I won't sing you no song

Save me some sugar
That's all I'll ask of you
You're my old lady
But the road's my lady too.

Aw yeah

Thank you for your sugar
Sugar you broke down the night
I was seein' stars on the bedroom walls
Full moon in your eyes

This don't mean nothin'
Well I'm just passing time
A part of you I'll take with me
But most I'll leave behind

One day i'll be back
It might not be too soon
I pray there's something left of you

Save me some sugar
This won't take long
Don't give me too much
I won't be there when you fall

Save me some sugar
That's all you gotta do
Anything left over
I'll take that too

Oh the road's my lady too
But the road
The road's my lady too

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