Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair GT Review

I played a little bit of this last night and I have to say its quite fun. Its pretty different from the single player games in that there isnt a story or a leveling up system, and instead you just collect gold and loot from chests and monsters to upgrade your gear slowly but surely. Its a game thats going to take some grinding to complete. Also - its really, really not meant to be played by yourself, as in, you will just die over and over. The bosses have a ridiculous amount of health and require teamwork to take down effectively. Its a new spin on an old formula and although the game isnt meant for casual players or people unfamiliar with the franchise, personally Im loving it.


Chronic said...

UPDATE: Played about 5 hours of coop tonight and the game is totally sweet. It has an amazing amount of depth for a downloadable game, all of the characters have unique abilities and attacks, the game has secrets and hard to find areas, the bosses are ginormous and have a bajillion hit points, the items are vast and varied, and the online coop works perfectly.

Its like having my NES in High Definition with an ethernet port on the back. Thank you, Konami.

md said...

Tempting, but I may have to play through SOTN first.

Chronic said...

Definitely play through SOTN. I dont think this game can quite compare to SOTN in terms of total content, but in terms of fun factor it might surpass it. Ask Darth how to get that 200.6% map explored achievement in SOTN, I tried and failed.

If you end up getting HoD, Ill definitely play through it with you.