Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Im very interested in this game, its gotten good reviews and Im ready to buy it. There's only one problem: it doesnt have online coop - yet. Its being added via a patch "sometime in September." Right now the game, which is designed for coop play, is only playable with 2 people in local coop. While its great that the game features local coop, not shipping with online coop is a deal breaker for me: it means the game is unfinished.

Microsoft simply rushed the game out so it could be part of its Summer of Arcade promotion. On principle, I refuse to buy unfinished games which come with a "promise patch" to add features or fix horrible bugs in the future. No, Im not paying full price for a game thats 80% complete, because whats next, paying for a game thats 70% finished, or 60%? Do you see the problem with setting a precedent of paying for unfinished games? Publishers like Square Enix, once you give them inch, they take a mile. Ill buy the game, but only once its complete.

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