Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dead Space 2: Multiplayer Trailer

Dead Space 2 was a game that I really didnt think needed a sequel. The original game was awesome in all its gory glory and had a great ending that seemed to be conclusive. If you havent played it, I really think its one of the must play solo experiences of this generation - especially if you like a good scare, and its available for download on the XBL marketplace. When they announced the sequel, my reaction was the same as when I heard about Bioshock 2 (and most sequels): they're gonna remake the same game and cash in again. When I saw this trailer, my opinion changed and now Im pumped for the game - from what I can tell its essentially Left 4 Dead Space, and thats a concept I can get on board with. Also of note, this music in this trailer is made by Mogwai - one of my favorite bands.


md said...

Dead space was great, but also sometimes repetitive making the game feel longer than it had to be. Dead Space 2 looks like the game I wanted the original Dead Space to be, and is a sequel I welcome because of it's potential to greatly improve on the first game.

PS- multiplayer could be F#%^$g awesome

Blank said...

Should be interesting i think. On a side note your back ground is from burnout paradise? You never really had too much love for that game, though the wallpaper itself does give a pretty good vibe to the page.

Chronic said...

Burnout Paradise was a great game. Burnout Revenge was also a great game. I enjoyed playing both those games, I have some fond memories of them, and I dont regret buying them.

Just dont compare them to Burnout 3.