Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ken Block: Gymkhana Video# 3: The Mind Blower

Ive seen most of the drifting videos on youtube, I have a couple of Japanese D1 Grand Prix DVDs, Ive seen the batshit crazy Arab guys, Ive watched some World Rally championships, but this video still blows the doors off my mind. Ken Block is truly a master of the drift, and an unbelievably sick driver. The drifts he does on the embankment and the 360 spins on the wet tarmac, all at very high speeds while maintaining total control, just cannot be fathomed by my pithy human brain. The rim sparking burnout out at the end of the video is the statement of a motorsport artist, and serves as the icing on the cake to one of the finest videos to grace this blog. The sound in this video is fantastic, make sure you turn the volume all the way up.


Chronic said...

Do you guys have any idea how steep 51 degrees is? Its like driving on a wall. A wall, I tell you!

Bond said...

Good Job Max