Friday, January 14, 2011

Bond Says Tron Multiplayer is Amazing

Ive been trying to score a copy off ebay, but my bids keep getting sniped at the last moment and the auction always closes a dollar or two above my max bid. Well, after seeing James Bond 007 play the multiplayer for days on end with nobody else from my friends list, I figured the game must be great, and Im determined to get a copy ASAP. I texted him on XBL while he was playing, and he replied, "im ssooooooooo hooked." I dont need any further evidence. If Bond likes it this much, it has to be fun. Although he said the controls took some getting used to, Im willing to put in some time learning the game. Im going to bid $35 on ebay right now, wish me luck.


umo said...

Ebay - used copies?

"The PC, PS3 and 360 versions of the game will include one-time-use codes to unlock a handful of additional multiplayer maps and a character skin modeled after the new film's protagonist, Sam Flynn."

Gotta check every game nowadays if you're thinking of picking it up 2nd hand.

Chronic said...

I scored a new copy for $32! Sweet!

Bond said...

NICE. Yeah there was a code in mine for extra multiplayer maps and the Sam Flynn skin. It does take some time getting use to driving and upgrading your guy. The super good maps are the maps that you have to pay 400 points for but they are worth it. In the map pack you get the classic 1982 map from the first movie and some other really cool looking light bike maps.
I think they did a great job on the multiplayer and the light bike takedowns.