Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Battlefield 3: Fault Line Trailer

This was featured on IGN as footage which shows that BF3 can give the Call of Duty franchise a "run for its money," but Im not really sure I agree with that assessment. Call of Duty, to me, means an intense single player experience with multiplayer as an add on, while Battlefield I think of as primarily a multiplayer game - as it has always had dedicated servers. But the Battlefield games we get on consoles dont live up to their PC counterparts, whereas Call of Duty is essentially the same on all platforms. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a very good game on the 360 - but its a great game on the PC, provided you have the proper hardware to run it. Will Battlefield 3 break the mold?

I dont think so, and I think its specifically for this reason I will be buying it on the PC. The current generation of consoles is lagging badly behind current gen PCs, because we have essentially skipped a generation. Due to the Great Recession, we wont even have a console to fit in between the 360 and whatever uber-monstrosity Microsoft is currently cooking up. Developers are shoehorning next gen concepts into consoles with 512MB of RAM. This isnt advisable or sustainable, but its where we are right now. Im sure BF3 will be great, but part of me thinks if it was made from the ground up for a 4 core processor rig with 4+gbRAM, a current gen video card, and a mandatory 10gb install, it could be a totally different game, not just a great one.

The Xbox's greatest strength isnt and never has been its technical prowess, which is finally being overshadowed by the PS3 with its built in HDD and Blu Ray, but rather Xbox Live. Its the defining feature of the console, and if developers are able to leverage digital downloads combined with a huge social network of gamers, the Xbox brand has unlimited potential in the future. As it stands, most of that potential remains untapped and companies like Zynga are primed to capitalize on if Microsoft falls asleep at the wheel. Call of Duty and Battlefield are brands that are both primed to make a big leap in the real next generation, the question is when will we get there and who will be first.


umo said...

I can officially announce here that I have more chance of playing this game than Gears Of War 3, which isn't to say much chance at all ;)

But I'll at least try the demo. Gears is a total write off after the last one. Even though there are things like a cowboy hat wearing brumack in it I've barely been encouraged to see it more than twice and the DLC I only played through once still.

I could happily play through Halo 3/ODST/Reach campaigns in their entirity right now and just met someone who needs some help doing them on Legendary so I probably will over the next few weeks.

I stopped caring about any of the charachters in Gears once they all killed me in Multiplayer repeatedly even when I started with the upper hand and supposed clean shot. Die Marcus, Die Kantus, Die Locust Queen, The End.

Chronic said...

lol, oh wow Bender, tell us how you really feel ^_^

Personally, Im willing to forgive Epic and forget the sins they have committed. They earned that much from me with all their Unreal games and Gears 1. However, Epic must atone for their Gears 2 multiplayer sins in the third game, or whatever is left of their fanbase is going to move on as well.

Chronic said...

Gamespot Gears of War 3 Interview

Great interview with 2 of the designers. Apparently, there are some superduper secret Gears of War 2 dedicated servers which they are using to test load for GoW3, but its only a few and its not worldwide, and I guess its random if you get put on one.

Dedicated servers for Gears 3 might change a lot of things. It might mean you can actually have a 5v5 game thats playable online. If it works and it works well at launch with millions of people playing, dont be surprised if Call of Duty and Halo follow suit.

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