Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unreal 4 Engine Tech Demo

Epic isnt calling this the Unreal 4 Engine yet because it isnt finished - but thats what this is, giving us a glance of what in-game graphics quality for the next generation of consoles might be like. Seeing as though we are almost going to completely skip a generation if the next Xbox doesnt come out until 2013-2014, the leap in fidelity we are going to see will be unparalelled in the history of console gaming. We are going to go from a 640-720P native games running at 25-30 FPS to 1080P native games running at 60fps with textures and lighting that will be almost photorealistic. This tech demo is really just a glimpse of whats possible, it really only hints at whats to come in the next 3-4 years. The Blade Runner inspired art direction of the demo is pretty cool, maybe Epic should consider developing this into its own IP, rather than making a next gen sequel to Bulletstorm or Jazz Jackrabbit.

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