Thursday, April 7, 2011

SSFIV Arcade Edition

Chronic has stepped out for an uncertain number of days and asked me to keep the blog alive in the interim. I'll try not to sway too far from Chronic-related info, but sometimes I won't be able to help myself. Luckily, he likes Street Fighter almost as much as I do...

As many had guessed, the countless changes and additions that made it into the Japanese arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV are coming home to 360, PS3, and PC. Along with the addition of 4 characters and added features come an insane number of balancing tweaks, evening out the roster as a whole. AE is rumored to be released on June 7th for $15 on XBL and PSN. Also coming later in June is a complete disc version for those you don't yet have Street Fighter (or have a PC), but the price has not been announced.

Points from the trailer:

Yang, Yun, Evil Ryu and Oni added to the roster
• This will be a DLC (Downloadable Content) release
• The console version will receive a "Supercharged online upgrade"
• Replay Channel has been enhanced, allowing you to send favorite replays to others
• The Elite Channel will let people view plays of players with a PP total of 3,000+
• A Replay Follower will be available, allowing you to track well known players
• Support for additional alternative costumes
• Character balancing tweaks from the Arcade Edition release
• Your chosen title is now shown in game, along with Battle and Player Points
• Versus Battles against regular SSFIV players will also be supported


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But will it have EVIL Akuma? lol

Looks sweet. At this rate we are going to have more SFIVs than SFIIs...

Post whatever you want, 2500x1600 size images of custom Japanese arcade sticks is fine with me. I should be back next week.