Saturday, April 30, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Dev Interview


Chronic said...

Every couple of years I give a new MMO a shot. Ive never stuck with one for more than a few weeks. Will Star Wars The Old Republic finally change that? I really dont know, its so hard to say. I did finish both KOTOR I and II so far a guy who doesnt play RPGs this has as good a shot as any. The real test will be the combat and the high level content - is it still going to be fun to play a few months from release? Will there be a steady stream of new content? If Bioware wants my $ in their gravy train, the answer to these questions must be yes.

BlankVoid said...

Ugh, when this game starts downloading its going to be the longest couple hours of my life. Way i look at it is i'll at least try each of the different classes to get a decent feel for them and pick out my favorite. Even if high level content sucks, im sure everything up to there will be worth the initial investment and the couple months of subscription fees.