Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011 NBA Playoffs Reaching New Heights

Ive been fairly disenchanted by the NBA for the past decade or so. While Im certain that the extremely low level of play by my hometown New York Knicks over this time period has been the main reason, the play around the league is often lackluster and lackadaisical outside of the postseason, which has been dominated by the L.A. Lakers, who won 5 championships in the past 10 years.

I watch some regular season games, and usually a fair number of playoff games, whether or not the Knicks are in it or not, which they havent been until 2011 (they were punched out in the first round and didnt play well). Pro basketball is my fourth favorite sport, behind tennis, the NFL, and MLB. And right now Im more excited about the NBA than I have been since I was in college in the last century - and the Knicks arent even in it. The level of play in the NBA this year is reaching new heights, and harkens back to the golden era of the 1980s NBA.

Its really been exemplified by this latest round of Division Finals. Every team has superstars, every team passes the ball and plays hard defense, every team shoots well and grabs rebounds, and the games have just been incredible. I dont even know who Im rooting for, but Im jumping out of my chair and shouting at the end of some of these games. After the Mavs closed it out tonight, its looking like they will play Miami in the NBA Finals. Its an amazing matchup that features some of the best players since the days of Magic, Michael and Larry. Dwayne Wade is one of the most clutch performers I have ever seen in any game or sport - look for him to be a determining factor when the game is one the line.


Chronic said...

Wow what another sick game tonight. I was definitely rooting for Chicago to make it to a 6th game, and they were coasting, until I said the fatal words... "they need to make a 3 here" and BOOOOM

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umo said...

There was going to be a new Gears 3 advert in Game 6, instead it's gonna be shown during the Champion's League Final tonight.

Manchest United v Barcelona, both have won it 3 times in their history and both won their first at Wembley Stadium. It's only been hosted at Wembley 3 or 4 times before this, the Final stadium changes to different cities around Europe, so it's rare for a team to play a final in their own country.

They met in the final a couple of years ago and Barcelona won, so time for United this year.