Monday, May 23, 2011

Epic Burnout 3 PS2 Mod - Bus Road Rage

found this cool PS2 mod floating around on youtube.


Chronic said...

Bender this glitch makes me wonder how far away we are from B3 being emulated/modded on the PC so it can be played online without logging into EA or PSN/XBL servers. The question is, will Criterion make a new Burnout game worth playing before then?

umo said...

Imagine things like 5 red team sport series vs 1 blue team fire engine on the modified super long USA track. Or jumping the garbage truck across the river in the Alpine Expressway mountain glitch.

I'd be happy with just what we had, let's see what happens to Halo's 10th anniversay edition and maybe we'll only have 3 years to wait for a reprise ;)