Friday, October 28, 2011

Cards Win Game 6, Down to Last Strike Twice

One of the classic World Series games of all time was played last night. With the St. Louis Cardinals trailing by 2 headed into the bottom of the ninth, and the Texas Rangers one strike away from their first championship in franchise history, the Cards got a 2 run triple to tie the game and send it into extra innings. Not to be outdone, the Rangers immediately responded with a 2 run home run to take a 9-7 lead.

The crowd was silent in St Louis, as coming back from 2 runs down in the last frame is at best a 10-1 shot, and they had already captured lightning in a bottle once in the 9th inning. But destiny smiled upon the Cards, who would not fold, and once again down to their last strike in the bottom of the 10th, with Texas one pitch away from winning it all, managed to come off the mat and tie the game AGAIN. They held Texas at 9-9 for the next half inning, and when they took the field again, won the game with a majestic, epic walk off home run to dead center field to clinch a game 7 appearance.

The only comparison I can make is to the Mets in the 1999 NLCS, who just would not die, and this years Tampa Bay Rays. Tomorrow surely cant live up to what we saw tonight - but one thing is certain, we will finally see a champion emerge from a 7 game World Series for the ages.


md said...

no way and i missed it! GAh! My wife just HAD to watch Grey's Anatomy... Damn you Grey, damn you

Chronic said...

How could the Rangers possibly win after what happened last night? They didnt hit, didnt pitch well, just looked like dead men walking. You cant give a good team that many breaks and expect to win.

I dont think the Cardinal were favorites in any series they played in the playoffs, and people thought they werent even going to make the playoffs in August. Goes to show, baseball is a special game which you cant predict - you cant just run out the clock with a lead, you cant take a knee - you have to get every last man out to win the game. The Rangers couldnt get that last strike, that last out, and now they have to spend the whole offseason wondering how they let it all slip away when the champagne was already on ice in their locker room.