Sunday, May 20, 2012

Go Right

If you played a lot of old school 8 and 16 bit games, this video will bring back a lot of great memories and its fun to see how many of the characters you can name. If you dont like old school, pixelated 2D side scrolling platformers, *cough BOND cough*, this video will probably just confuse you and give you a headache.

Does anyone know what game that slow Mecha robot guy is from?


Bond said...

That was cool. The amazing music worked great with it.

Darth said...

The mech looks like Front Mission... Anyway can someone invent me a time-machine? Gaming was so much better back then :(.

umo said...

A cellar, 5 or 6 old cabinets running Mame on one and video loops on the others, put up some flashing lights (old school not LEDs),with some of those Arcade Sounds and crowd noise mp3's, and also a big bucket of coins by your side.

Or go visit Chronic and go to the Barcade but take an mp3 player with the Arcade Sounds to fill out the arcade with more machines.

Sad but the 80's are as long ago now as the 50's were when we were kids. The best chance we had for a Time Machine to show up was 1999, which unless they managed to keep within the strict rules of Time Travel didn't happen.