Monday, August 20, 2012

Sound Shapes GT Review

Its like Papaton and LittleBigPlanet got high together and made an album.


Chronic said...

Its the dog days of summer, not much doing in the gaming world for the next month or so and Ive been busy trying out a bit of the ol Real Life. Havent forgot about you guys, and hopefully I will be able to get online and play some soon.

Blank said...

Looks like it could be fun between classes. Aside from gravity rush havent felt the need to buy too many vita games.

Chronic said...

Ah cool, didnt know you had a Vita. I think if you get it on there you also get it on the PS3.

If you dont have Super Stardust, get that 1000% its an amazing game. Maybe Motorstorm RC and Rayman Origins, Ive only played the console versions of those games but both are really great franchises.