Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Divekick Impressions

This game is freaking hilarious. MD got it for me on Steam, and now that Ive messed around with it a bunch, I can say its definitely one of my favorite fighting games. You know when you have a joke match in Street Fighter, with like Vega and El Fuerte having a shrieking gymnastics battle or Hakan and E Honda having an oily grunting competition? Thats this entire game. "Joke Match: The Game"

Why make a real fighting game when you can make a joke one, where each character only has a single, super-overpowered one hit kill move, and if you repeatedly pwn your opponent a "fraud detection" warning system goes off? Contrary to the GT guys, one of my favorite parts of the game is the excitable Asian announcer who calls the game "DivekickUUUAAAHH!!!"

No, its no Spartacus Legends (in Bond's words "The Greatest Game of All Time").

But it is damn fun!


Chronic said...

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, Ive been busy moving and setting up my new place. It was brutal but at least Im here and here includes FIOS. Unpacking may take twice as long, but at least I have BBQ Chicken.

Bond said...

Divekick looks really fun for 19 minutes.

Now Ryse is going to be the best fighting game of all time. Co-op Gladiator Horde Mode -