Saturday, September 28, 2013

GTA V: BMX Style

My favorite parts of San Andreas were the BMX bike and the Stunt Plane, so you can imagine how disappointed I was when GTA IV featured neither. Rockstar apparently realized that an important part of a sandbox game is actually giving people some toys to play with, and they have righted the ship (and then some) with GTA V. Im having some wild visions in my head of a multiplayer game with stunt planes flying upsidedown under bridges and BMX bikes dropping onto them and flipping off while C4 charges explode oil tankers above and cars do burnout drift donuts around dancing throngs of people firing AK47s in the air.

The online potential is insane. Who needs an Xbox One when we have GTA Online?

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Chronic said...

Framerate be damned, GTA V has the best graphics Ive ever seen on the 360, by far. I dont think Im spoiling anything about by mentioning that at some pont in the game, when Trevor wakes up on the beach, and you walk to the top of of a bluff - just put the controller down for a few minutes. Let the camera pan around. Holy fucking shit.