Sunday, October 6, 2013

Two Great Writers Reflect on GTA V

Ubercrunch (aka Chris Byrd) has been working on a piece about GTA V and Thomas Pynchon for Al Jazeera for a while and today it was published on their website. If you dont know who Thomas Pynchon is, he is one of the most important American writers of the last 50 years and he just released his new book, Bleeding Edge, on the same day that GTA V came out. Uber found this coincidence fascinating and decided to write a piece about the two works. Highly recommended, you can read it right here:

Should Thomas Pynchon Play GTA V? - Al

Another friend and fellow New Yorker, who you might remember from his days as an IGN writer, Michael Thomsen, also recently wrote a piece about GTA V and our modern Surveillance State for the New Republic, which is very insightful and also highly recommended:

Videogames Are Making Us Too Comfortable With The Modern Surveillance State - New


umo said...

A good read, GTA has always had many great details that I'm sure aren't noticed by most people from regular play. They cast a light on some of the things that have just become taken for granted but keep it consistent with their overall world, so it all fits in.

Even the exaggerated versions of things in GTA V sometimes just seem like they are not exaggerated at all compared to their real counterparts.

Chronic said...

Friday night was some of the craziest shit Ive ever seen. I dont even know how to describe it, or what mission it was. But there were 16 players in my room, and some briefcase the 2 teams were vying for, and a million cops, all piled up on some highway. We all kept spawning in cars and plowing into this deathpit to get the briefcase, and then at one point it got stuck on a hill (in this case, it was definitely a Hamburger Hill).

My 360 definitely could not handle it, but through the single digit framerates and endless deaths, somehow Bond managed to secure it and make it to the delivery zone after an hour of non stop insanity. It was an epic night of gaming.