Sunday, April 27, 2008

Leeroy Jenkins

I dont play World of Warcraft but I have a lot of friends who do, so this is for them. The people in this video spend hours getting their guild members together for some huge raid, then one guy "Leeroy Jenkins" goes off to microwave some chicken during the final spell buffs. When he gets back, he thinks everyone is waiting for him to start the raid, while they are actually putting on the final and most important buffs. He charges in with a battlecry that will forever be known for all of history: "LEEEEEEEEROY JENKIIIIIINS!!!!"

This is such a popular youtube clip (5.5M views +) that there have been several parodies, knock offs, tributes and remixes. Leeroy has made an appearance as a trivia question on the TV game show Jeopardy, and Blizzard is making a Leeroy Jenkins figurine for the WoW Miniature Tabletop Game coming out later in 2008. They might not have succeeded in the raid, but as Leeroy says, "Hey - at least I have chicken."

Leeroy Jenkins Super-Techno Euro-Trance Ultra-Turbo Future-Mix

Leeroy Jenkins on Jeopardy

Leeroy Jenkins 300 Parody

Leeroy Jenkins Halo 3 Parody

Leeroy Jenkins Ninja Loot in World of Offline Gaming

Leeroy Jenkins Wiki


David Lamm said...

Hehe I had no idea leeroy was so popular.

While were on the subject, here is one of my fav wow movies. Some girl who played WoW died in real life, and her friends planned a funeral for her in a pvp zone.

Serenity Now bombs a World of Warcraft funeral

Chris P said...

Those guys are sick people!

md galaxy said...

Leeroy Jenkins is my hero.