Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"There seems to be this weird idea that single-player games can get shorter. They can get more expensive and shorter. I don't understand that approach. It's not our approach."

-Dan Houser, Rockstar VP

As you can see in the video, Rockstar's latest and most epic GTA installment is looking better than ever. The extra 6 months of polish and shine look like they are really gonna pay off. Ive always had dreams of a game that completely replicates the look and feel of NYC, and lets you walk and drive around doing whatever you want to. Will this be that game? Will it live up to the hype as the Real McCoy, the true next gen game that validates these overpriced, overheating consoles, especially the loss leading PS3, which was the likely cause of the delay? Can it possibly be as amazing as it should be, as we want it to be? GTA Online. The very concept shakes the foundations of what online gaming is as we know it. Its only a few weeks before we find out, but I have a feeling we are all gonna be blown away.


umop said...

Goodbye Spring

md galaxy said...

^pretty much

kurt said...

Is going to rule. Not too much longer to go now!