Friday, July 25, 2008


I was having a pretty rough night. My first buy in went pretty well until I had to make a rough call in a huge pot with AQ - no pair on the flop - against what I thought was a flush draw. I was getting 3-1 odds and I was ready to gamble, but I didnt hit, and my opponent had top pair. The second buy in went better, I got doubled up with J10 on a board of KQ942 when my opponent held KQ. I had built that up to around $300 when the following hand came up.

In the big blind, I held 56 of diamonds. After a couple of limpers, an agressive player in the small blind to my right made it $17. There was already $23 in the pot and I called for $15 more, knowing that my opponent liked to overplay overpairs and if I hit big on the flop I could possibly win his whole stack. One of the limpers called and we took the flop 3 handed.

The flop came 646, with no flush draw. The small blind bet out $35 and I smooth called, and the other player folded. The turn was a 4. My opponent quickly said, "How much do you have?" He looked at my stack, and said "All in." With the best possible hand, sixes full of fours, there was nothing he could have that beat me. I had the nuts. I flipped over my hand. "Call." He disgustedly turned over Ace-Ace. As I was counting my chips in anticipation of becoming the new big stack at the table, the dealer peeled the nightmare card. An ace on the river. My opponent had me covered. I had no chips left. I wanted to crawl into a hole, puke, and then die. The game ended a few minutes later after I decided not to buy back in. I was 95.45% to win the hand the computer tells me when I get home.

In my head, I knew odds anyway, and somehow looking at the numbers on the screen is no consolation.

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Anonymous said...

Dude that's a terribly bad beat. I hope it wasn't Eddie who took your money....

missing you up here in NH.