Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rossi Vs Stoner Laguna Seca 2008 Battle

"For sure, the race was unbelievable. It was a great battle with Casey. It was fun, a lot of fun in this race."

- Valentino Rossi
1st time winner at Laguna Seca
7 time Moto GP World Champion


umopapisdnpuaq said...

The race flew by and the intensity took everybody by surprise. On the first lap Rossi's teammate had a huge crash, flying over the top of his bike. That was not replayed, there was no gap in the action. The rest of the racers were barely shown at all. The director just focused on the epic duel.

Interestingly the week before Rossi joined the UK Eurosport commentators (for the first time on British tv in his 12 years) to cover the 125cc race, just a couple of hours before his own race.

The commentator's have covered all his races so they're old friends and here are some quotes from their chat with him during the race.

Rossi speaking about when he raced 125 in 1996:
"125 is always great fun to see, great fun to see, great fun to ride. It's older style racing you know? So, a great battle to the end. A lot of overtaking and a good show."

Toby Moody:
"Bit more serious now though in Moto GP, a lot more technical. Harder work for you?"

"No, I want to say that more than more serious, er.. (struggles for the english) Boring! It's more boring not more serious because there's it's a lot more technical, a lot of electronics. Unfortunately less, less battle compared to the 500cc or also the 990's (the two previous incarnations of Moto GP). I think we take a bad way for show"

Toby Moody:
"But you're still having fun?"

"Yes, for sure. No, ride these type of bikes is fantastic, we go VERY fast. A lot of grip on the edge. So, anyway. Is, is funny but I like make battle!"

7 days later he did :)

Chronic said...

When Rossi hit the dirt to pass I was like whoa hold on I thought you could only do that in the videogame!!!!