Thursday, July 17, 2008

Galaga Legions Gameplay

It looks like another fantastic SHMUP is coming exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade courtesy of Namco Bandai. This game is a total remake of Namco's 1981 arcade classic Galaga, with all new graphics, a new ship, weapons, and some crazy-ass enemy spawn patterns. Aside from the obscenely large scoring numbers that constantly pop up on the screen during gameplay, this one looks like its going to be a winner and another must download XBLA title for shoot 'em up fans. Between this, Aces of the Galaxy, Assault Heroes 2, Geometry Wars 2, 1942 Joint Strike, WOTB and Bionic Commando all coming out within a few months of each other, further filling out an already incredible roster of XBLA titles, its quite clear that the Xbox 360 is the premier console for modern 2D-shooters.

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