Thursday, April 2, 2009

Explodemon Trailer

UK developer Curve announced a new downloadable game for the Wii, PS3 and PC (no details on a 360 version) called Explodemon, coming this fall. Inspired by Japanese developed games for the NES, SNES and Genesis, Explodemon is a 2D action platformer with 3D graphics. The game has been described by its creators as "what Treasure would create if they mixed Yoshi’s Island with Half Life 2." Inspired by games such as MegaMan, Super Metroid, Street Fighter II, Halo, and Banagi-O, the title promises a fast paced, super intense platforming challenege.

Its a lot of name dropping and not much gameplay in the video, however it appears that the developers hearts are in the right place and this will not be a rushed job but rather a polished, carefully executed effort. I really hope the game is great and goes on to be successful, because it can help further revive retro 2D gaming for the masses and all the great gameplay ideas that go with it.

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