Monday, June 29, 2009

Mariano Rivera - The Greatest Ever

Mario Rivera captured his 500th save on Sunday, further cementing him as the greatest relief pitcher of all time. He might not ever pass Trevor Hoffman for the overall saves lead, but I think we can all agree Rivera is on his own level when it comes to greatness. I could list some of his stats here, but there really isnt any point. What Rivera does on the mound goes way beyond statistics. Its artistry. He personally carried the Yankees to 3 consecutive World Championships, and is well worth every penny of the more than $100M the Yankees have paid him over his career.

As Tim McCarver said, Rivera is the only dominant pitcher in history to defy the basic logic of pitching: Work quickly, throw strikes, and change speeds. Rivera only has 1 pitch and it goes 94mph, spinning sideways.

We've never seen anything like him before, and when hes gone, we wont ever see anything like him again.

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