Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Splinter Cell Conviction

Extended E3 Trailer:

Developer Gameplay Commentary:


Chronic said...

Overall, the game looks sweet, I have to say. But, Im a bit concerned about a few things. The "Mark & Execute" seems like they are making the game easier to play for the casual audience. Now you just select your targets and Sam kills them for you, making it more like an interactive movie. This saddens me, because part of the appeal of the Splinter Cell series has always been its hardcore nature.

The controls for Chaos Theory are tough to learn and extremely hard to master. But thats part of what made the game so satisfying. Once you got the hang of it, you really felt in control of a superspy, with a milions gadgets, endless moves, and quick death if you made a tactical mistake.

Also, projecting gameplay info onto the environment just doesnt feel right to me. Wheres the sense of immersion? Just give me a freaking HUD.

Also, no mention of coop, and no info on the vs multiplayer, although the latter has been promised.

Really, they cant surpass Chaos Theory - which in my opinion is one of the few perfect games I have ever played.

However, they can easily make a better game than Double Agent, and really thats all Im looking for.

Bond said...

It looks freakin amazing man. They can't have the mark and execute in the multiplayer and if they put a lot of thought into the multiplayer it will be great. And I don't think the mark and execute will happen that much.

md said...

I am really looking forward to this. I am still on the no-HUDs kick and don't mind the cinematic approach. As long as the game retains the challenge like its predecessors, I'm all over it. And hopefully, the mark and execute requires more skill to pull off than it appears. Overall, I'm very excited.