Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brutal Legend: GT Review

The most metal game of all time gets an 8.5 from GameTrailers.


Chronic said...

Game reviewers werent allowed to break the street date on Brutal Legend so they all came flooding out today.

I think the GameTrailers review is very fair, and reflects the range of reviews you see out there.

Two of my favorite sites, Destructoid and Giant Bomb, panned the game and gave it a 60. Play magazine gave it a 100 while IGN, TeamXbox and Gamespy gave it a 90.

The average review score on Metacritic is 8.4, and the average use review is 8.6

BlankVoid said...

I read a review on Kotaku and apparently the game has some RTS elements to it; aside from the hack and slash gameplay. Surprised me a bit.